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Neo-Soviet Su-45 Fantasy, Tactical Aircraft

Neo-Soviet Su-41 Fixer, Tactical Aircraft

Neo-Soviet T-18 MBT with thrust vectoring

Neo-Soviet T-90 MBT

Alliance for Allah's MiG-29SMT Fulcrum, Tactical Aircraft

Alliance for Allah's Altay MBT

The EuroWars, short for the European Wars, are the two conflicts that occurred in Europe between 2030 and 2037, directly following each other.

EuroWar I[]

In 2030 Russia started an invasion of Poland and Finland, defeating the Polish military within three months. When Russian forces crossed the Polish/German border in 2031 the nations of Western Europe formed the European Defense Force to replace the defunct NATO and attacked the advancing Russians.

In 2031, Russia was advancing into eastern Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. European forces desperately fought back against the invaders. During 2032, the Russians slowly advanced toward Berlin, and then deeming it too difficult to take, bypassed the city and advanced into the German heartland. The EDF supported by the newly founded MET2000 managed to stall the invasion at the river Elbe in 2032.

In January 2033, a new faction (today still unidentified but suspected to be the United Kingdom) suddenly entered the war attacking both sides: Nightwraith bombers destroyed their HQs, computer viruses sabotaged their military networks and commando units assassinated various warmongering hardliners. Shortly thereafter an armistice was signed.[1]

EuroWar II[]

In 2034, taking advantage of Europe's war-torn situation the Alliance for Allah (AfA), a fundamentalist Islamic movement which had taken over the Muslim states of the Middle East, launched attacks on Russia, India, the Balkans, Israel, and the Iberian Peninsula.

Only the attack on Israel was unsuccessful as it's air defenses held and it then used tactical nuclear weapons to decimated the command and control sites and fortified defenses of the armies arrayed against Israel. Toward the north the AfA drove, through Georgia, Armenia, Turkestan, and Azerbaijani, rapidly advancing toward Russia until their advance was stalled at the meat grinder of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad). India had to deal with an invasion through Kashmir.

Those invading the Balkans rapidly conquered Greece and the Balkans but were halted at Vienna and were then slowly rolled back at great cost. The invasion of Iberia was done not by military forces but by a jihadist ragtag army of the poor and desperate whom used whatever vessel was available. They overran the coast of Spain and Sicily, and parts of Portugal and mainland Italy.

Early in 2036, an Anglo-Spanish task force restored King Hassid to the throne, ending fundamentalist rule which resulted in the collapse of the jihadist advance in the Iberian peninsula and the crushing of the main offensive in Spain. Two months later, Greece was retaken but it was followed by a stalemate in the Balkans.

The forces of the AfA were on the verge of a breakthrough in the Balkans, when the leader of the AfA was assassinated by a commando team. It threw the AfA into disarray as infighting began, military operations stalled (e.g. advance toward Russia), and Euro commandos toppled fundamentalist regimes. The war finally ended in 2037.[2]


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