European Motor Company (EMC) is a major European car manufacturer, regrouping several European companies: PSA (Peugeot and Citroën), Opel, Skoda, Range Rover and Jaguar. It is headquartered in Prague, Czechia, where is also Skoda's HQ. The American Ford Motor Company owns 51% of EMC, the German Frankfurter Bankenverein another 11%.

The EMC range of products includes:

  • bike: Opel Nacht
  • subcompacts: Citroën Ztana, EMC Intracity E, Opel Rana, Peugeot 401
  • sedan: Citroën Xhen, EMC Carrona
  • SUV: Land Rover 2046, Citroën Jumpy
  • van: Citroën Metravan, EMC Blitz II, EMC Serena
  • sport car: Citroën 1030, Peugeot AP75, Peugeot RM780
  • drone: Citroën Brouillard
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