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Euskal Herria
Capital Gasteiz
Government Corporate-run Republic
Leaders Iker Lezabatxe
Population 2,939,600

Human: 67%
Dwarf: 15%
Orc: 10%
Troll: 6 % and
Elf: only 2%

Land area
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Euro (€) (Nuyen accepted)

Euskal Herria is a South European country.


During the Crash of 2029 Basque separatists- with strong corporate backing- took advantage of the chaos that ensued to realise their long held ambitions and seceded from France and Spain, forming the independent nation of Euskal Herria.[1]


The government is headed by a President and made up of the Congress and Senate with the seven member corporate Consejo-Económico acting in an advisory manner. Congress and the Senate introduce, debate and pass legislation with the President being left to take most decisions.

Legally, the Consejo-Económico is only supposed to be able to propose draft legislation but a strong corporate presence thanks to their heavy support in the creation of the state has lead to their having a much larger influence. Ares Europe, Esprit, ESUS, Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, Meridional and Zeta-Imp Chem currently make up the seven member Consejo.


Besides the Corporations, that are part of the Consejo-Económico mentioned above, there's Krime, a local arms manufactorer, that specialises in firearms for larger metahumans, especially orks, trolls and their metavariants.


Law enforcement[]

Petrovski Security, a subsidiary of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, holds the contract to provide national police service with its local branch Ertxantxa Police.[2]


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