The experienced firefighter has spent a few years working for Franklin Associates, Inc, stationed in Seattle. He knows just enough to be a competent firefighter while keeping himself and his crew safe—though he’s been lucky more times than he can count. The experienced firefighter has pulled a few people out of burning buildings—though not as many as people might think. He’s a professional, dedicated to saving lives and is willing to put his own life on the line. He’s an honest guy when it comes to his job, but off the job he’s like any other guy.

Metatype: human
B 6 Q 4(5) S 5(6) I 4 W 3 C 3 E 4.7 M 0 R 5(6) PR 2
INIT: 5(6)+1D6
Dice Pools: Combat 7
Active Skills: Biotech 3 (First Aid 5), Car 3 (Fire Engine 4), Car B/R 2 (Fire Engine B/R 3), Spray Weapons 2 (Fire Hose 6)
Knowledge Skills: Firefighting Tactics 6, Fire Science 4, Urban Brawl 3
Cyberware: muscle replacement 1, reaction enhancer 1
Gear: Firefighting turnouts (including helmet, gloves, and boots; 4/2, 6 points of Fire Resistance), fire department portable radio (with 25 programmed channels), fire department uniform, cell phone, trauma patch

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