The Extraterritoriality Registry and Liaison Agency (ERLA) is a megacorporation regulation and oversight agency within the CAS government.


An agency of the Bureau of Commerce, ERLA is responsible for registering and tracking megacorporate presence within CAS, specifically regarding megacorporate real estate; property that is legally extraterritorial under the terms of the Business Recognition Accords. ERLA has the sole authority over whether megacorporations can purchase property within the CAS. It also serves as the liaison agency between the government and the megacorps and Corporate Court.

Intelligence-Gathering Edit

As part of its regulatory and oversight mission, ERLA conducts investigations and surveillance on the extraterritorial megacorps (AA and AAA megacorps) which are chartered with the CAS. This proactive oversight extends to collecting intelligence on the megacorps through clandestine Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and covert operations on extraterritorial corporate property.

In effect, ERLA serves as an anti-corporate intelligence agency with jurisdiction over intelligence related to the megacorporations; the exception to the Department of Strategic Intelligence's strategic intelligence-gathering mission.


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