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Fanti Syndicates (their Smuggling Empire)

The Fanti Syndicates are the syndicates of the pirate "Fanti Nation" on the west coast of Western Africa.

The Fanti Syndicates are based in the "Fanti Nation" (an unofficial pirate "state") in the southern central and western coastal region of the former nation of Ghana. The main bases of the Fanti Syndicates are Cape Coast and Wineba.[1]


The Fanti Syndicates are family groups involved in smuggling and piracy. Family groups control specific territories, depending on the wealth of the family. The wealthiest families of the "Fanti Nation" may have 1000s of members, and either live on the coast or sail on the seas. On the Council of Elders are representatives from the 20 wealthiest families and there is a "War Council" in which the veteran patriarchs of those families are represented.[2]


When it comes to women, those who are single fight alongside the men, committing acts of piracy or conducting raids. Likewise the children who are of 14 years of age or older. They commit Some women crew their own boats.[3] The Fanti syndicates are human separatists, though not human supremacists. Most of the bands are human only, recruiting through marriage only. A minority of their bands are meta-only. The Fanti will do business with metas and permit the all-meta families on the smuggling. Fanti don't believe that "normal" humans and metas should mix.[4]

Criminal Enterprises[]

Fanti pirate syndicates dominate the Gulf of Guinea. Their smuggling network extends to every port along the Atlantic coast of Africa as far south as Cape Town and as far north as the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, and above to the city of Lisbon in Portugal. It then extends throughout the Mediterranean Sea as far as the island of Cyprus. The Fanti sail in groups of boats and/or ships, usually in a cluster of 5 or more. When raiding ships, they attack they rely on surprise and speed. Magic and technology are both used by the raiders.[5]

The primary source of income for the Fanti is the smuggling of goods, people, drugs, and tech. Fanti syndicates are the dominant smuggling network in African waters in the Atlantic Ocean. Crime syndicates like the Mafia often use the smuggling services of the Fanti. To raid large or well-defended vessels, families will cooperate and join forces. After hijacking the ships, occasionally they will sell the crews to slave traders and even organleggers. The Fanti also provide to ships a "protection" service, which unlike the traditional protection racket the Fanti will actually defend them from other pirates.[6]

When it comes to receiving payment, the Fanti prefer to be paid in goods. While they lack the resources or wealth of a typical crime syndicate, they are responsible for great losses in wealth by corporations and individuals in the South Atlantic and the Gulf of Guinea. [7]

NOTE: The Gulf of Guinea covers a 910,000 sq mile area, running from Gabon (nation south of Nigeria) to Liberia (nation west of Nigeria).[1]


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