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Great Feathered Serpent

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Feathered Serpents (Alatuserpens quetzalocoatlus) are dracoforms, native to Aztlan, Latin and South America as well as to Africa.

They have long, snake-like bodies, one pair of limbs and large brightly coloured feathered wings. Membranes stretch between the extended finger bones of its large wings. Behind the wings are a pair of limbs that end in paws for ground locomotion. Their feet have five digits, one of which is like an opposable thumb, giving it sufficient flexibility to manipulate objects. The skull contains 60 teeth. Poisonous fangs and an also poisonous sting at the tip of the tail are common. Their wingspan is over 15 meters and their overall size from head to tail is 20 meters and weigh 6,000 kilograms. While smaller than other dracoforms they are - like all Dragons - no mere Critters but sentient creatures of great intellect and powerful magical beings.

While some Feathered Serpents work for Aztechnology others fought with the Yucátan Rebels against the Aztlan state and the mega corporation and a bunch of them - led by Hualpa - are involved deeply in Amazonian politics.

Hahibat: Mountains, open forest, and grasslands

Renown Feathered Serpents[]

Great Feathered Serpents[]

  • Hualpa - took over the political power in Brazil with an army of awakened creatures and shamans, turning it into the awakened nation of Amazonia
  • Arleesh - performs a personal crusade against dangerous magical artifacts
  • Mujaji - known as the Rain Queen, patronage over the Xhosan people in Azania/South Africa, dislikes Elves

Other known Feathered Serpents[]

The Totem Feathered Serpent[]

Feathered Serpent is also known as a Totem - especially common to shamans throughout Aztlan i.e. Nahualli - the priests of (Neo)-Aztec religion. Possibly also refereed to as the Plumed Serpent Quetzalcoatl.