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• Dark blue-green – Federal District of Columbia
• Navy blue – city of Washington D.C.
• Light blue – North Virginia, UCAS
• Light green – Maryland, UCAS
• Gray – West Virginia, UCAS
• Red – Virginia, CAS

Washington, FDC, officially the Federal District of Columbia (also known as FDC; Washington; The District; or DeeCee) is the capital city and administrative district of the United Canadian and American States. It was previously the capital of the United States of America.

The city of Washington, D.C. is the name of the center of FDC. The US Federal Capital District Act of 2024 created the Federal District of Columbia by extending DC borders to the counties of Montgomery, Prince Georges, Howard, Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax; essentially creating a state from much of the historically-recognized National Capitol Region. Some people still call the part that lie within the limits of the old District of Columbia "DeeCee" or "The District," while other use it for all the Federal District of Columbia, as a short form of FDC.

Law and government[]

At the top, the government of the federal district is headed by a Chief Commissioner, who is appointed by the President of the UCAS. The Chief Commissioner is the chief executive of the Federal District, and is effectively the governor of FDC. This includes serving as the commander-in-chief of the FDC National Guard.

There are seven Regional Commissioners, six of whom represent the counties (and City of Washington) that make up FDC, plus an at-large commissioner. These commissioners are elected from within their districts (the At-Large Commissioner being elected by the entire District). The commissioners serve as the head of government for their regions (so, basically as county managers/mayor of Washington), but also represent their region within the FDC Commission.

Law enforcement within the District is provided by the Federal Capitol Police Service (aka, "FedPols"). The Chief of the FCP is appointed by the UCAS Attorney General, and does not answer at all to the FDC Commission, including the Chief Commissioner. It was originally formed in the aftermath of the Crash of '29 from the remains of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and the D.C. National Guard as well as smaller federal agencies like the Capitol Police and Park Police. Its jurisdiction, however, extends across the entire Sprawl.

Any private security organization operating within DeeCee is assigned a FedPol liaison to coordinate with corps like Knight Errant. This is especially important as many neighborhoods and cities within DeeCee contract to private security corporations for additional protection.

Because civil disturbance have become so common, the FDC National Guard effectively falls under this heading as well. Unlike the FedPols, the National Guard answers to the Chief Commissioner. As a result, when both the FedPols and Guard are called to respond to the same situation, it has led to (occasionally violent) conflicts between units. The FDC National Guard also oversees the Urban Militias, which are armed groups of citizenry trained to protect their neighborhoods. Given the circumstances, these militias tend to be incorporated only in rich neighborhoods.

Aside from the FedPols, numerous federal law enforcement agencies are based in FDC and are well-represented, especially within Washington. Chiefly among them are the UCAS Secret Service and the FBI.

Due to the proximity of the CAS just south of North Virginia, across the Chantilly River, The UCAS military has a stepped-up presence in DeeCee. The forces tasked specifically to protect DeeCee fall under the Joint Force Headquarters--National Capitol Region. The District also does not lack for military installations within its borders in the instance of serious civil disturbance, insurrection, or foreign threat. Armored units are stationed across the Potomac from Washington at Fort Myer, in Arlington County.


Two rivers run through DeeCee: the larger Potomac River, which travels from the northwest down to the southern end of FDC; and the Anacostia River, which cuts through Prince Georges County and Washington before merging with the Potomac south of the Capitol. DeeCee is a green, hilly region that slopes down as it reaches the Potomac, but otherwise is not very dense, population-wise. The region lacks much of an industrial base, so much of the District is wooded (some places heavily so) and protected by government action. This is especially notable in the case of Rock Creek Park, which is a massive wooded area that separates Georgetown and Upper Northwest from the rest of the city of Washington, and then continues into the woodlands in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.

Because of its proximity to the rivers, and the fact that much of the District lies on what was historically a flood plain, the city is often quite humid from the late spring through the summer until early October. It is also frequently struck by rain and precipitation from mid-October until late March, with occasional cold snaps and heavy precipitation appearing in late May, and thunderstorms striking in August.


Washington was founded for the purpose of serving as the seat of the federal government. By and large, the government and the armed forces comprise the largest employers in the region. Most other economic activities are related to government affairs, especially the defense and media industry. Washington is also an important center for magical research.

Corporate Presence[]

Other organizations[]


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Arlington National Cemetery has a background count of 4.[3]



The criminal underworld of Washington F.D.C. is dominated by two organizations: First there is the Mob with the Mueller Family and the Marconi Family, who's Don Victor "the eel" Marconi calls himself the "Ambassador of the Cosa Nostra". Second there is a significant presence and aktivity of the Yamaguchi rengo of the Yakuza.

The Anacostica Barrens - a slum not far from a Z-Zone - is merely controlled by various street gangs and go-gangs.


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