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Federal Republic of Hellas
Capital Athens
Government Federal Republic
Leaders Unknown
Population Unknown
Land area 131.957 sq km (50.949 sq miles)

Water (%): 0,8669

GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Nuyen (¥)

Federal Republic of Hellas or Greece


Awakened biota[]

There are wild satyrs native in the Epiros Forrest on Lesvos.[1]


2033: The European Economic Community, southern France, Italy and southeastern Europe shatter into hundreds of city-states.[2]

Almost a quarter of the country's population was killed during the Alliance for Allah's invasion and following occupation before they were repulsed on 2036.[3]

In 2055 a major insect spirit hive in Athens is exterminated.[4]

When Halley's Comet passes it causes astral constructs to manifest in sacred sites restoring ancient wonders all over Europe, including Athens.[5]


The island of Lesvos is a major gambling hotspot, with poker being one of the most popular games. The sister island of Lemnos has a stadium that hosts combat biking and football games that can be bet on, as well as illegal meta duels and pit fights out in the Petrified Forrest.[1]


Whilst the country made up of a number of independent city-states, the Hellenic Federal Council is responsible for limited pan-national issues.[6]

As of 2063 the Republic is not a member, or pending member, of the NEEC.[7]


Both the Cyclops and Minotaurs troll metahuman variants are very common in Greece and the Mediterranean.[8]


An MIT&T archaeological dig, partly funded by the Atlantean Foundation, 130 miles off the coast of Crete discovered a treasure trove of priceless artifacts in an area historical records suggest there was once an island, prompting rumours and theories concerning the mythical Atlantis.[9]


Both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches are opposed to the growing popularity and spread of the Roman-Hellenic cults.[6]


The ancient sites of Delphos and the lesser known Larissa are both potent power sites, rumoured to be aspected towards divination magic. They are both controlled by the Oracles of Delphos group.[6]

The Oracle of Delphos is a magical and pagan group that worships Apollo and continues the tradition of the Oracle by offering divinations for people willing to contribute to them. They own and run Orakle, a consultancy firm offering divination services corporations and interested parties and which also has a seat on the Hellenic Federal Council.[6]

The Erebus storm is seasonal storm that appeared off the coast of Greece after the Awakening, migrating between the Aegean and Adriatic every six months which has caused changes to the weather pattern in the Central Mediterranean.[10]


The Athens RTG is one of the most modern in region, thanks in no small part to the heavy corporate and military influence, sculptured to resemble the Akropolis. It's also the communication hub for the region as well.[11]

There are a number of nature conservation projects going on in Epiros and Cyclid Islands which the Oracle of Delphos are involved in.[6]


The Turkish Gray Wolves organised crime family are forced to move their base of operations to Athens during the 2030 crackdowns by the fundamentalist government in Ankara and the later Alliance for Allah invasion. Often supporting the resistance they have since expanded throughout the region and around the Black Sea.[12]


The Republic has invested large amounts of funds to rebuild the countries rail infrastructure making it one of the fastest and easiest modes of transport between cities.[11]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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