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Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe

The Fenrir Wolf (Canis lupus aesiri), the Awakened version of the common European wolf (Canis lupus), is the largest known member of the wolf family, standing at an astounding 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder and growing to 2.2 meters long. Females are typically smaller than males.

The fenrir wolf is a nocturnal carnivore that hunts in packs. It is fearless and attacks all manner and sizes of targets. It is highly resistant to magic, and has senses and strength beyond its immense size. The raising of young is unusual in that the alpha male devours the weaker litters, and only the strongest litter joins the pack. The fenrir wolf is the most feared predator in Europe, due to its fearlessness and incredible strength.

The fenrir wolf lives in woodlands throughout Germany, Scandinavia, and far eastern Europe.


There's a paranormal totem Fenris Wolf, that resembles the awakened Critter.


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