The world as we know it. The Fourth World ended and the Fifth World began when magic diminished, and the island of Thera, enshrined in myth as Atlantis, sank into the ocean on August 12, 3113 BC when the Theran planetary magical amplifier overloads and explodes. Thera is destroyed. Across the world, the magic level drops from a level high enough to sustain an advanced magical civilization to zero within hours. Without time to prepare, without metaplanar power sites primed, and without decades of adaption to using tiny personal magics, all magic save that of a few of the greatest masters (who still have some minor tricks to call upon) abruptly ceases to work. Unprepared magical beings, including some foolish young dragons, and most of the Obsidiman and T’Skrang, die. The Windlings – unable to remain sentient at their brain size without magic – are deprived of the time needed to gradually grow larger as magic fades, and become near-extinct save for a few recessive genes. Civilization undergoes an unparalleled collapse.


With the complete collapse of magic, technological innovation begins in earnest. Over the next few millennia, history takes a familiar course – culminating in modern human civilization.  The Fifth World ended and the Sixth World began during the Awakening in 2011.

Ehran the Scribe puts the era of the Fifth World as 3113 BC to 2011 AD.

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