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The Finnigans are the ruling Mafia family of Seattle, UCAS.


The current boss of the Finnigan Family is Donna Rowena O'Malley, the daughter of the previous don of the family, Capo James O'Malley. She took the reigns of the family in 2058 after Don Maurice "the Butcher" Bigio arranged the assassination of her father through Chimera, becoming the new Capo of Seattle with the support of the Commission and over her objections. The assassination was the catalyst that set off a long, drawn-out bloody mob war between the three Mafia families of Seattle.

Rowena O'Malley became the new Capa of Seattle after the assassination of Capo, Maurice "Butcher" Bigio, in 2070 thereby ending the war. She was able to force the Commission to accept her becoming the city's new capo. Which was made possible due to the support of the Finnigan's long-time allies, the McCaskill Family and the two most progressive Mafia families, the Kozlowski Family led by women and the O'Rilley Family led by the only metahuman Don (an elf).[1]


Advising Rowena are the consigilier, Albert "Uncle Al" Cavalieri, the American Mafia's most respected strategist and the mage Saturn, leader of the the Merlyns a wizzer gang. Day to day operations are mostly run by James Michael "Jimmy Mac" Finnegan. She has followed the example set by her father, by adding more hackers and magical assets into the family operations.[1] Like the other two families, the Finnigans are a mostly human crime family.[2]

Conservatives within the Finnigans disapprove of these changes, but she has pushed ahead.[1] Though there was opposition to her rule, due to her ruthlessness, managerial skills, and effective leadership she now controls all three Mafia families in the Seattle sprawl in a unified "O'Malley Syndicate".[3] There is at least one capo within the family whom hates metahumans, runs an all human operation, and supports Humanis, which is Capo Angelo Luposcelli who runs the Mafia in the racist community of Snohomish. He has spent much money on his men to get them all augmented.[4]

The Finnigan family is involved in a variety of criminal enterprises. Which are gambling, drugs, prostitution, loan-sharking, and BTLs. They have territory in Downtown, Reflection, Vashon, Bellevue, and Everett. It controls most of the docks in Downtown where it has been "unionizing" the docks and shares control of the drug trade in Everett with the Ciarniellos.[5][6][7][8][9]


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