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The First Nation is an Amerind gang based in the Native American Nations.

Membership (2058): 15[1]

Membership (2072): 2,000

Annual Income: up to the 10s of millions (nuyen)[2]


The First Nation gang claims turf along the docks north of the arcology, as well as some fo the Everett waterfront.  As of 2071, they were pushing into Redmond and the area known as The Verge, notably territory of the Ork gang known the Crimson Crush . The gang is made up entirely of Native Americans, led by a Salish elf named Blood-of-the-Buffalo. Their symbol is a raven flying over a howling coyote. As of 2072 AD, the gang had 2,000 members (western NAN), of which 130 are in Seattle.[3]

The gang has a presence in Seattle and in various cities within the Native American Nations. Among these are the Salish-Shidhe Council,[3] the state of Denver,[3], the Sioux Nation,[4] and the Pueblo Corporate Council.[3] Their expansion into Koshari territory is bringing them into conflict with the syndicate.[3] The gang is also expanding into CalFree.[5]

First Nations (operations)

The First Nation are fiercely proud of the Native American Nations and their tribal heritage, but prior to the 2070s, drew their backing from the yakuza (or so it is said), which had been supplying the gang with nuyen and weapons for years.


The First Nations started off in the late 30’s or 40’s. Late in the 2040’s or 2050's, the Yakuza went into Seattle looking for pawns to use against the Seoulpa Rings who were making inroads into their turf. The local yakuza, the Shotozumi-rengo, promised the First Nations a spot as their prime distributor of chips and BTLs in Seattle.

When they were approached by the Yakuza, it was a small gang consisting of only 15. All of them were Salish-Shidhe, except for one Sioux. It was a gang of humans and elves. Within 2 years with Yakuza backing they became a formidable fighting unit, surpassing most smaller gangs.[6]

The First Nations served the Shotozumi-rengo as foot soldiers, and were struggling against the Choson Ring of the Seoulpa in Everett; until they suddenly flipped and switched sides in 2070 or 2071 -- providing outsourced protection for the Komun'go

Late in 2071, the First Nations accepted an offer from a branch of the Seolpa Rings called the Kumon-go to merge into one large syndicate between the Kumon-go, the Dogmen, and the First Nations. With their assets and contacts merged into one, the First Nations became the foot soldiers and the street level dealer-distributors for drugs and technology.

Chulsoon Grey-Wolf, the leader of the Komun'go, is half Native American, half Korean; this no doubt helped solidify First Nation's alliance with their former adversaries.  

Known Members[]

Blood-of-the-Buffalo: Salish Elf and Leader - follows the Way of the Warrior.

Wind-Walker, follows Coyote

Wind-Rider, follows Raven

Moon Hawk, heavily cybered.

Falcon aka Dennis Falk was a former member of First Nation.


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