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Flavia De la Rosa is the CEO of Aztechnology.

Flavia De la Rosa was elected president of Aztlan and her administration ran from 2053 to 2065. In 2064 after Aztechnology CEO Juan Atzcapotzalco was assassinated by a bomb at the Yucatán Peace Summit, she was appointed CEO of Aztechnology.[1]

Though she started out as the puppet of the board, she has now become the head of the corporation. She proved herself as a leader, having played an important role in Aztlan's victory in the Amazonian War and its return to Denver. The board is now inclined to support what she recommends or plans. Having the skills of a politician, she works people and uses a personal touch. She's a detail-oriented individual who has a talent for reducing redundancies in Aztechnology's subsidiaries and getting the them to work with each other in a complementary manner.[2]


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