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A Fomóraig (formerly Fomorian) is a troll or metavariant infected with the HMHVV II strain of the vampiric virus. The effects of infection are extensive, including enlarged limbs, calcification of upper skin levels, massive keratinization of hands and feet, and the formation of subcutaneous deposits of bony “chestnuts.” Glands develop that produce a corrosive, acidic fluid. Keratinized plates develop to cover rudimentary gill structures on each side of the long and muscular neck. . They also gain a moderate allergic reaction to air pollution and a virtually-nonexistent sunlight allergy. Additionally, they enjoy the ability to guard themselves from magical effects. Like victims of the Krieger strain, fomorians do not suffer from chronic essence loss—though they do have the ability to pass their infection on to others.

Fomóraigs should not be confused with the Fomori, who are simply a Celtic variant of the troll metatype.