The French Catholic Church (FCC, fr. Église Catholique de France, ECF) is a religious organisation, born of a schisms with the Vatican in 2029. Its influence is limited to France, but it is known to have connection with other countries and organisations.

The French Catholic Church is born of a schism with the Vatican that happen a the very beginning of the Awakening. Indeed, the FCC quickly adopted Awakened people and metahumans, while the church was still struggling to grasp what was happening. By the time the Vatican came up with the Imago Dei reversal, the divorce with the FCC was consummated. While some appeasing gesture, like the the donation of the Mont Saint Michel to the Order of St. Sylvester by the FCC. have been done over the years, the FCC and the Vatican remains separate entities.

It was during Crash Virus of 2029, the cardinal, Luc de Berry, asserted his power and broke ties with the Vatican. He also created the Manus Dei, during the Euro Wars to protect church members and assets - the order is still active and often describes as "warrior monks". As in 2063, he has designated his successor, Amaury de Lubersac, to the great displeasure of the Vatican.

Of course, there is many rumors regarding the FCC ties to numerous organisation, such as the Atlantean Foundation, but also political ones - most notably with the Tir Nations - and even Ghostwalker in Denver. And of course some people also suspects the Black Lodge to be behind the FCC autonomy and power.


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