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Amy Steur (Fronts gang leader)

The Fronts is a gang based in Denver.

Membership: 600[1]

The Fronts are organized into cells (sets) which average 30 members each, with an estimated combined membership of 600. The gang has a dozen chapters in the UCAS and CAS. Most of their members are located in Denver. The gang consists mostly of humans and orks. The dominant set are the "BBs" which has been absorbing the smaller sets.[2][3]

They are involved in smuggling, protection, chips, and drugs. A business relationship was established with the Casquilho Family, in which the Fronts sell their CalHots and it has lasted for years.[4] In 2074, prior to the Siege of Denver, their main rivals the Godz were wiped out by the Zombies, a thrill gang who suddenly had a mysterious backer supplying them with tech and weapons. Which elevated the Fronts to being the top gang in Denver.[5]


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