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Critter Gabriel Hound

Gabriel Hound
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The Gabriel Hound (Canis mutabilis) is a shapeshifter that resembles either a large dog or a vaguely humanoid creature, resembling a human walking on all fours. The dog form stands approximately 1.0 meters tall at the shoulder, and has short fur with the same variety of color as other non-Awakened dogs.

Gabriel hounds are primarily solitary nocturnal urban predators, hunting Devil Rats and other urban adapted creatures. They have been known to hunt and kill metahumans, preying on the sick and weak by preference. They have keen senses, including thermographic vision.

The name "gabriel hound", according to English legend, was a mysterious flying creature whose howls signified an ill omen. It is rumored that gabriel hounds possess the ability to freeze a person in terror, and conceal themselves with unnatural stealth. They are found in urban areas throughout North America as well as in Europe - for example in Switzerland.[1]


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