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The European Gargoyle (Gargoyle saxi sexus (Europaeus)) superficially resembles its North American cousin, the common Gargoyle. It stands about 1.5 meters in height and weighs 160 kilograms. It has a short, squat grey body with six limbs (two wings, two arms, and two legs). European gargoyle also has asymmetric dermal ridges and plates throughout its body. Some have a long tail. The European gargoyle is a nocturnal carnivore, swooping down from buildings like bird of prey. Some are rumored to hunt in packs. The genetics of the gargoyle are puzzling, as it seems that there are no females or young, and the genetic material of one gargoyle drastically differs from another. Some paranaturalists have begun calling the gargoyle's unique genetics "the chaos gene" due to this anomaly, based on the studies published by Dr. William Traupman of the Boortin Parabiological Institute in The Hague.


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