The Gasperi family is an Italian syndicate based in the Rhine-Ruhr sprawl in the Allied German States.

The Gasperi crime family is likely the most powerful Mafia family in Germany. In the Rhine-Ruhr, the Gapseri does not control all criminal activity but it does require that the smaller groups and local organizations give them a cut of the profits. The only exception to this rule is the organlegging business which disgusts Don Lupo Gasperi and therefore he refuses money from that racket.

Unlike the Mafia and Yakuza in the UCAS or Seattle, the Gasperi and the local Yakuza (the Makahashi-gumi) have established a sort of permanent peaceful coexistence in Germany. Don Lupo Gasperi doesn't like Eastern Europeans, dislikes the fact that several Eastern European families were accepted into the Mafia fold out of necessity, distrusts those families, and undermines them whenever he can. The Gasperi family looks down on the long-time loyalist Greek Troudalis family, seeing them as simple peasants and cannon fodder.

Recently the Gasperi family has come under siege in the Rhine-Rhur sprawl. On the one hand is their conflict with the revived Gargari Organizatsi. Complicating the situation is Lupo's rebellious ambitious daughter Michaela Semeszato who is attempting to displace him and has gained the allegiance of the Amato, Olivieri, and Troudalis crime families. She has been making accusations to the other Mafia factions, that her father is actually a vassal of the Great Dragon Lofwyr. It is increasingly appearing that what his daughter has said is true and her father is truly under the influence of Lofwyr.[1]


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