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Geswain is fairly normal for a Western Dragon. He awakened in the deserts of the American Southwest around 2031 and has since traveled over most of the Western Hemisphere, observing and then moving on. After visiting Seattle, he realized the potential long-term value of the land in the Barrens, especially to one as long-lived as him, and used some of his hidden hoard to buy land.

For all his size and age, Geswain is like a child. He is arrogant, even for a Dragon, and consistently falls to learn from his many mistakes. Even when his errors are pointed out, Geswain can explain them away. It is this cockiness that makes Geswain something of an outsider, even among other Dracoforms. He considers the scar on his flank a badge of courage; proof that he can take it as well as dish it out. Most others would consider it proof of a foolish mistake.