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The Ghost Dance War was a military conflict between the United States and Canada and the Native American Nations (NAN) from 2014 until the Treaty of Denver in 2018, which officially ended the war. The result of the war the NAN won were extensive territorial surrenders by the US and Canada, which brought the West of North America completely under Native American control and established the NAN states as new nations.

The Ghost Dance War began as a guerilla war. The course of the war, however, was increasingly determined by the use of magic by the NAN and the confrontation took on the novel form of a magical war. The Ghost Dance War is the first conflict in which magic was not only used in massive form, but also decisively influenced the outcome of the war. It was also named after a powerful magical ritual, the Great Ghost Dance, which brought the end of the war. Interesting in this context, perhaps the ghost dance movement in the 19th century.

In addition to the designation as a Ghost Dance War is sometimes of Indian Wars following the Indian wars speaking, the colonial history of North America. In the UCAS the term Ghost Dance Rebellion is sometimes preferred.