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Ghost Who Walks Inside Street Samurai

Ghost Who Walks Inside

"See, you don't need to be a Wizard to throw a fireball" -- Ghost Who Walks Inside.

Ghost-Who-Walks-Inside (Called at times Ghost Maker*) was a legendary Amerindian Street Samurai of the 2050s. He operated out of Seattle as part of Sally Tsung's crew. He was noted for his professionalism and magnanimity.

Ghost has broad features and wears war paint.

  • his name is also rendered in few sources as Ghost Who Walks Indoors; this is a much rarer variant than the Inside one and possibly a fan-introduced Internet error

Equipment and weapons[]

  • Harley. Motorbike. Customized as a big combat hog.
  • Two Ingram Smartgun.
  • Chiba eyes, equipped with flare compensators.
  • White Phosphorous Grenade.


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