Ghost in the Machine refers to the rumors that human or human-like entities exist solely in the Matrix without a meatbody, similar to Artificial Intelligence. In the Sixth World, only one such consciousness has been written about specifically, that of Alice Haeffner, although the potential for many more has been laid out in the aftermath of the Matrix Crash 2.0, perhaps because of the JackBNimble program bequeathed to Captain Chaos in Dunkelzahn’s Will.

There are even rumors, that Eliohann, the western dragon with datajack, that worked for Transys Neuronet i. E. Celedyr, became a ghost in the machine during the second Crash of 2064 too.

Ghosts in the Machine are still rare, but become more well known by 2075. where they are also known as E-Ghosts. Some E-Ghosts seem to be copies of dead metahumans, others are copies of people that are still alive. Some think they are AIs created by AIs mimicing personalities of newly deceased people, based on their interactions with the Matrix. Others point to the emerging powers of technomancy as an explanation for their arrival. Finally, others point to the effects of Matrix 2.0 crash, combined with the Jormungand worm, possibly uploading the brains of people trapped in the matrix and killed. No one knows for sure. They are often far from perfect copies. Their memories may vary from significant knowledge to few, but often have memories closer to when they died. Some even believe themselves to still be alive, and just trapped in the matrix. A rare few understand their status, and do their best to interact how they can with the real world.[1]

In 2076 , Pax works to help the e-ghost Cerberus regain a physical body, but tricks him by incorporating the AI Deus into the nanites that built his new body. This cumulated in the Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder crisis that caused the Boston Lockdown.

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