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Giants are a Nordic metavariant of the troll metatype. They are perhaps the biggest and most human-looking troll subspecies.

They are usually somewhat stronger and larger than standard trolls, with an average body size of 350 cm. Their hair and skin color are usually fairer than those of most metahumans. They usually have no horns or tusks and a long pointed nose.[1]

Most Giants live in the Scandinavian Union and in Wuerttemberg in the Allied German States.

While the giants in Wuerttemberg/AGS are the most accepted metatype (except Homo sapiens sapiens),[2] many Giants in other parts of Europe are still forced to live on the edge of human society, are subject of racial discrimination more often than the average trolls and get frequently in conflicts with the legal authorities. Therefore the United Nations recently started a project together with Charisma Associates (a subsidiary of the Horizon Group) to give the Giants a better - i.e. more positive - image.[3]


This page was translated from Shadowhelix's Metamenschheit#Metamenschliche_Varianten page

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