The Gingerbread Gang was the most infamous pirate crew.

Membership: 300

The Gingerbread Man's infamous pirate crew, the Gingerbread Gang was not long ago the most feared pirate crew in the seas. With thirty ships, each of whose captains had a fairy tale name and a crew of 300 (including excellent deckers) they made daring high-profile raids. I

n addition to their well-publicized dashing escapades they made extensive use of inside connections and paid bribes to officials world wide. Their base was rumored to be a maze of sea caves and the ports used was San Juan in Borinquen and in the Lesser Antilles. What happened to the gang after The Gingerbread Man's disappearance is a mystery.

"The Cyberpirates of the Carribean" trid show is based on their adventures.


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