Global Technologies

Home Office: Seattle, UCAS

President: Urlan Manes

Principal Divisions:

Back Door Technologies

  • Division Head: Roxanne Wunter
  • Chief Product Services: Military, commercial, and private skillsofts and memory modules

Martelli Entertainment

  • Division Head: Thomas Martelli
  • Chief Product Services: Entertainment simsense modules

Business Profile:

Global Technologies is a rather grandiose name and not at all the truth. Since its inception in 2036, the company has managed to make only modest advances in the highly competitive field of skillsofts. It’s only office is located in Atlanta Proper Southside. It is a modest company of 127 employees, mostly deckers, have turned out a series of mostly lackluster products.

Recently, however, the addition of several new employees just graduated from the Universities of Seattle have changed the morale, product quality, and focus of the company. Its latest product the Colt L36-Mark VII, is the premier hand-gun skillsoft of Seattle today.

2050: An Entertainment division was recently brought under the corporate umbrella. Once a separate company, Martelli Entertainment almost went bankrupt from fierce competition by Hollywood Simsense Entertainment, out of California Free, before Global bought it up. Urlan Manes hopes to revitalize the division with an influx of global nuyen.

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