Glory is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


She is one of the few Awakened who had realized their gifts, only to turn their back on them when they had realized that the price they pay would be much greater than what they had hoped for. Glory was born in Stuttgart, Germany to a relatively normal wageslave family. When her father returned from the Euro Wars, he came back as an psychologically damaged shell shocked veteran like so many who fought in the wars. Attempting to rekindle his meaning in life, he found himself joining the anti-mage and metahuman religous group Kreuzritters, which combined the bigotry of metahuman/awakened hate with Fascism.

Glory was no exception to his hate as she was also an Awakened, and ended up being left for dead by her father who named her the Devil's Whore as she was forced out of his home. She found herself quickly settling into the local anarchist flux state of Berlin and was quick to adopt behaviors that in everything severed her ties to her father, before being found by the toxic Shaman Harrow, leader of a local cult devoted to the Totem of The Adversary, thanks to Marta, her lover, who was a member of the cult. There she learned the ways of the Horned Man and rose through the ranks of being one of Harrow's personal enforcers and committed more atrocities than she could think of and ended up becoming the Devil's Whore herself. Returning to Stuttgart to show her father how powerless he was, her victim was not so much her father but her mother who was roasted alive by the flames of her awaited day of reckoning. Seeing how powerless she was to the Adversary's calls, she fled the cult and took extreme measures to purge what essence she had on her through augmentations before it could call her again.

Glory shows herself as an emotionless individual, uncaring of anything but the missions she is sent on. But she has regained her conscience after losing her essence from the augmentations and would be quick to call out other Shadowrunners for morally questionable behavior. She still remembers everything about her Awakened days in both fondness and in scorn and to think an augmented like her does not know of mages is to insult her past. Suprisingly she is also a capable medic and doctor, capable patching up as many wounds as she causes them.

Glory Upgrade PathsEdit

Level Upgrade
LEVEL 2 RAZOR SPECIALIST I: Glory gains a melee attack, a razor slash followed up by a kick. Pierces up to 1 Armor. May do AP DMG. Cost: 1 AP. Cooldown: 2.
PISTOL SPECIALIST I: Glory gains a pistol ability. FirePower Round. Does an additional 2 DMG and pierces up to 2 Armor. Cost: 1 AP. Cooldown: 2.
LEVEL 3 MEDICAL SPECIALIST I: Glory carries a Premium Medkit on each mission, which heals a minimum of 30 HP. Replaces Basic Medkit.
TRAUMA SPECIALIST I: Glory carries a BuMoNa Gold Trauma kit on each mission, which brings back downed characters with 50% HP. Replaces Basic BuMoNa kit.
LEVEL 4 RAZOR SPECIALIST II: Glory gains an armor stripping razor attack. Two hits, and each hit strips 2 Armor from the target. Cost: 2 AP. Cooldown: 2.
PISTOL SPECIALIST II: Glory gains a pistol attack that targets up to 4 enemies and then opens fire on all of them. -5 Accuracy. Must have at least three targets. Cost: 2 AP. Cooldown: 5.
LEVEL 5 ENHANCED ADRENALS: Glory's Adrenal Pump last one additional round, for a total of 4 RNDs. Cooldown: 5.
ADRENAL INJECTION: Glory can use her adrenal pump on a downed ally to revive them at 25% HP. Shares a cooldown with her regular Adrenal Pump ability. Cooldown: 5.
LEVEL 6 TRAUMA SPECIALIST II: Glory carries a BuMoNa Platinum Trauma kit on each mission, which brings back downed characters with 100% HP. Replaces Basic/Gold BuMoNa kit.
GEAR: REVOLVER: Glory carries a custom Ruger Super Warhawk revolver, with hand-machined armor piercing ammo. 14 DMG, 6 CAP, 4 Armor Pierce.

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