Name: Goggles Pazzuli
Archetype: Scientist
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9" cm
Weight: 160 kg
Eyes: cobalt blue
Hair: iridescent white (slight glow)
Birth: June 7, 2030, Seattle

Body: 3
Quickness: 2
Strength: 3
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 8
Willpower: 5
Essence: 2.80
BioIndex: 1.4
Reaction: 5
Init: 1d6+5
Run Mult: 3

Combat: 7
Task: 3

-A befuddled scientist whose brilliance is rivalled by his quirkiness. Quite often creates the most incredible
useless gadgets.
-Goggles is a born native of Seattle.
-Has an ork brother who disappeared years ago.
-Goggles is a cross between carrot top and the eccentric Doc Brown from back to the future
-Goggles dresses in leather pants and jacket because he is always dealing with flammables and welding.
-Extremely intelligent, but cannot hold a conversation for more than 15 seconds. Zones out when working.
-Skills, Attributes, And Resources
-Older Ork brother was a mechanic, and they used to jack cars together.
-University doctorate in aeronautic engineering
-Amassed gear and money to fund things from years of collecting and selling small useful but strange
-Lives in a large factory facility, with many scattered husks of cars and machines scattered about..
-Dislikes guns, violence and power players.
-Complete pacifist
-Passion to invent more and more
-Technology and creativity is important for the soul.
-Goggles is very befuddled, rushed and hyper.

Edges & Flaws:
SRG:Unusual Hair (Major)->Really bright white glowing hair. -1tn to perception +1 tn stealth -2
Dossier on File -4
Total Pacifist[2] -5
Oblivious -2
Combat Paralysis -4
Connected Lev 2->electronics 5
Technical School Education 1
Exceptional Attribute(INT) 2
Aptitude->electronics b/r 4
Connected Lev 2->vehicles 5

Active Skills:
Armor B/R [6]
Athletics [2]
Biotech [2]
Car [2]
Car B/R [5]
Computer [5]
Computer B/R [6]
Electronics [6]
Electronics B/R [6]
Etiquette [3]
Stealth [2]
Vector thrust Aircraft B/R [5]

Knowledge Skills:
Biotech [2]
Classical Music [3]
Electronics [6]
Engineering [6]
Japanese Culture [3]
Miltech Manufacturers [3]
Negotiation [3]
Pirate Trid Broadcasters [4]
Scrounging [6]
Seattle Junkyards [6]
Security Devices [3]

English [5]
English (RW) [2]
German [4]
German (RW) [2]
Japanese [3]
Japanese (RW) [1]
Salish [1]

Bonus Skills:
Math (6)
Chemistry (8)

Cerebral Booster[2]
Mnemonic Enhanc.[3] +1 die Memory and Language tests, +1 die Knowledge Skills, -1 Karma cost to learn/improve skills, +3TN default to INT for Knowledge Skills, +3 to all language skills.
Datajack E:0.20
Eyes, Cyber Replacement E:0.20
+ Eyes, Vis Mag Opt[3] E:0.20
+ Eyes, Low-Light E:0.20
+ Eyes, Flare Comp E:0.10
Math SPU [3] E:0.20 +3 Hacking Pool, Complementary Math Skill (6), stopwatch, alarm clock, chronometer
Chipjack, Multi-slot 4 E:0.35
Expert Chipjack Dvr [3] E:0.30 +3 Pool for Skillsofts
Knowsoft Link E:0.10
Orientation System E:0.25
Chem. Analyzer E:0.20
Gas Spectrometer E:0.20
+Built in Program [6] E:0.00 + Chemistry Skill of 8
+External Program [6] E:0.00
Encephalon [2](A) E:1.20 mm.20|+2 Hacking Pool, +2 Task Pool, +2Int for learning new skills

Electronic Facility
Vehicle Facility
Bio-Monitor @sr3.304 1
Wrist Computer (100Mp)
Fuchi I-C-U Autocam Controller
Satellite Link Rating
Sensitive Tracker (5x) [6]
Jammer Lv [6]
Dataline Scanner Lv [6]
Bug Scanner Lv [9]
BRL-3014 Window Trembler [6]
Air Filter [9]
Chemsuit Lv [8]

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