The Golden Acorn Society (GAS) is magical society based in Chico-Oroville in northern CalFree.

The Golden Acorn Society was founded by the ork adept and ex-Tong boss, Yee Chan. It's headquarters is in a Buddhist temple in the city of Oroville. - Dunkelzahn gifted to it the Tome of Terrin in his will. It's an Italian military manual similar to that of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Inside are highly secretive martial arts techniques.[1] During the Japanese occupation of the Bay Area, the GAS hey supplied the Metahuman People's Army with guns from the beginning of the resistance, using it's adepts as couriers to protect the shipments.

The GSA runs a martial arts school which is open to all as long as you pay the dues. To get into the magical group, you need to pass several tests and the first challenge tests your combat ability in which you have to defeat the lowest-ranking member. The next challenge is a test of your stealth as in shadowing a target picked by Yee Chan for a day and if the target notices that applicant it's a fail.

The rules of the GSA are attendance, obedience, and dedication. Attendance of weekly training session are required. All must follow the instructions of high ranked initiates when on school grounds. It's the initiates who teach the martial arts at the school. In the upper ranks there are both Awakened and non-Awakened, though sooner or later an Awakened initiate surpasses the non-Awakend.[2]

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