Golden Dragon (Yevgen Kachurin,
Yee Chan from Shadowrun Sourcebook, California Free State

Yee Chan, Ork shaman and Triad leader.

The Golden Dragon syndicate is based in San Francisco, and is both a Tong and a Triad.

As the other Chinese Tongs (and Triads) in the Bay Area it launches anti-Yakuza operations from San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley. It is also involved in the smuggling of weapons.[1] The Triad is led by a powerful Ork shaman, Yee Chan who played a critical role in the war of resistance against the Japanese occupation. He also runs a magical group, the Golden Acorn Society. That magical society has members of all races and is based in the Chico-Oroville Greater Metropolitan Area in the Central Valley.[2][3]


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