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The Golden Triangle Society is a Triad active in both Australia and Denver.


As of the 2070s, the Denver branch of the Golden Triangle Society is led by Li Zicheng a 50+ year old Lodgemaster. Assisting him are Cheng Seng-ho a decker who came from an elite university and An Peng who is the military commander.[1]


The Golden Triangle Society accepts metahumans into the organization. Within its inner circle is a troll (An Peng) who is both a mage and the Denver branch's military commmander.[2] Triad soldiers and specialist may be augmented, having such enhancements as bone lacing, reaction enhancers, cybereyes, datajacks, control rig, and smuggling compartments.[3]

Criminal Enterprises[]

The branch in Denver is based in the Confederation of American States sector in Denver, but is active throughout the city and its into protection rackets, extortion, drugs, and BTL chips.[4] Flush with the profits from the Tempo drug trade, the Golden Triangle lodge in Denver took over the defunct Denver branch of the White Lotus Triad, and simultaneously made inroads into Yakuza and Koshari territory in the late 2070s.

In Australia, the Triad has operations involved in smuggling, BTLs, guns, talislegging, and prostitution. They are also allied with the Red Dragon Association.[5] In the city of Brisbane, they fiercely compete with the Yakuza.[6][7]


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