The Grand Tour is a biannual European social event with a high media profile. The tour has many stops: locations in south of France (Monaco, and of course Cannes during the film festival), but also Venice or Vienna, and generally concludes in Paris.


Back in 2038, the nobles and their powerful allies started having a series of “traveling parties” . Those parties already featured celebrities and opinion-makers such as Romanov, a young Lucien Cross (at the time), society flirt Gisèle de Villiers (a second cousin of Richard Villiers), and later Johnny Spinrad. Soon the parties grew into a month-long Summer Season that drew people from all over the places and became sort of a (somewhat decadent) tradition nicknamed the Grand Tour.

Since the mid-fifties, there is a lower-key "Winter Season" - running from Paris to Alpine Tyrol, Salzburg and Prague, also concluding with a Parisian Grand Ball.


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