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During the end of the Great Dragon Civil War, every dragon convened from November 8, 2074 to January 8, 2075.  All the great dragons disappeared from their lairs and from their normal places of business.

During this process, Sirrurg was sentenced to imprisonment.

Hestaby was put on trial. One charge against her was the ritual attack against Lofwyr during the climactic battle against Alamais.

It was revealed that the Black Lodge was responsible for the ritual attack against Lofwyr. A unanimous vote ruled in favor of wiping the secret organization out of existence. "[This] is perhaps the first unanimous vote among the great dragons in millennia".

The remains of the dragons killed during the war were entombed with respect. Only the Great Dragons know where these remains are.

On December 22, 2074 a force, including shadowrunners, marched to Mount Shasta to strip Hestaby of everything. 270 Shasta Shamans are killed in the battle. The dragon eggs watched over by Hestaby, in her lair, were returned to the Sea Dragon. Lofwyr, Lung, and Arleesh saw the "dragon's share" of the hoard. This supposedly displeased Ryumyo.

At the end of all of this, Lofwyr chose to step down as Loremaster. Ryumyo, Celedyr, and Ghostwalker were nominated for this position. Arleesh refused to be nominated. In the end, Celedyr was elected as Loremaster.

Celedyr's first act was to declare December 26, 2075 as the final date for all violence against metahumans, by Dragons (because of this war) to cease.[1]


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