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June 5: Aztlan signs a peace treaty with the Yucatan rebels, but a bomb kills Aztechnology CEO Juan Atzcapotzalco at the ceremony. Aztlan accuses Dzitbalchén of masterminding the attack and eventually captures, executes, and publicly dissects him.


  • July 23: The Great Dragon Hestaby speaks before the United Nations General Assembly. She condemns Sirrurg's rampage, citing Aztlan's 2064 execution of Dzitbalchén as the source of his rage, and urges the UN War Crimes Tribunal to take action. Elliot Eyes-of-Wyrm, founder of the Shasta Shamans and one of Hestaby's closest friends, is assassinated immediately after her speech concludes.
  • Shortly after Hestaby's speech to the UN, Alamais establishes a stronghold near GeMiTo, a feral city. Intent on advancing his beliefs of Dragon superiority, the Great Dragon attracts a number of adult dragons to follow him, turning the area into their feeding grounds--every day a dozen or so dragons preyed upon the inhabitants of the sprawl, consuming upwards of 300 metahumans a day. By the time it is all over, ninety thousand metahumans are killed and eaten, prompting Lofwyr to intervene during the Great Dragon Civil War.
  • July 30: Hestaby retaliates against Saeder-Krupp and its subsidiaries; attacking Dubai -- summoning spirits and using powerful magics to carve up Saeder-Krupp's Middle East division headquarters. There are no fatalities during her attack on the forty-seven story high rise, despite turning it into rubble.


The Great Dragons engage in Civil War.

"There were vigorous Matrix attacks on the dragons’ financial assets, wealth the general public knew nothing about. Billions of nuyen were either illegally transferred to other accounts or lost thanks to altered or corrupted records. Even accounts the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaf Bank claimed to be impenetrable to hackers were compromised during these campaigns (though ZO-G will not admit to any of that publicly, for obvious reasons)."

"Dragons’ physical corporate holdings and investments [wiped out, leading to thousands of metahumans losing their jobs --these include:] Starfeld Botanical Engineering, Biologic Technologies, BCMU, Johns Hopkins Institute of Health, Inc., Olgitechnologies, AET Ergonomic Systems, Alvis PLC, and Bowman Metal Works, Aksakal Teks, Baihu Corporation, Harburgh Detox Labs, and Hermetic Services Inc."

"Saeder-Krupp has seen many of its subsidiaries [... attacked ... ] The ten hardest hit S-K subsidiaries during this war [are:] Awakened World Research, Commerzbank, Deutsche Erdölgesellschaft, Fatima Petrochemicals, GIAT Industries, Heavy Metal, Iraq Oil, Kinesys Heavy Industries, Konglomerat Przemysowo-Wydobywczy, and Saurer-Rieter.[1]

* March: At Zebulon's behest, Ghostwalker outlaws spirit summoning in Denver

  • August: Shadowrunner teams have destroyed ~24 dragon eggs by this time.
  • August 18: Hurricane Donald and Sirrurg both land in Borinquen (Puerto Rico) and destroy the NatVat facility, as well as devastating most of the island.
  • August 20: Aztlan's corn crop withers and dies. Within two days, areas that hadn't been rained on by Hurricane Donald also see their corn die, and the infection spreads both north and south. It is referred to as: "Atlacoya blight". Inside of a week, Aztlan see much of it's agricultural strength evaporate.
  • September 1: Ghostwalker has Perianwyr arrested for "illegal bondage of sapient beings" (spirit summoning) and "treason."
  • September 7: The Weekday Eclipse club in downtown Denver is firebombed the day before a scheduled benefit concert for Perianwyr. The Zone Defense Force investigators blame faulty wiring.
  • September 19: Shadowrunner teams employed by Alamais burn swathes of the Mount Shasta forest and kill any shamans and Northern Crescent gypsies they encounter. Hestaby ends the carnage within minutes of her intervention. Lone Star investigators discover forensic evidence of the use of Surtr.
  • October: Roland's Sword and the Sons of Siegfried claim responsibility for sabotaging Heavy Metal, Iraq Oil, and Saurer-Rieter, all subsidiaries of Saeder-Krupp.
  • October 3:
    • 1350 Zulu: Operation: Marauder: Aztlan Special Forces assault Sirrurg's "mini-hoard" outside Roswell.
    • 1406: Ground Task Force-One engages with a heavy security presence including dracoforms, drakes, spirits, and at least two adult dragons. After all resistance is pacified and the dead and wounded are removed, GTF-1 demolishes the structure.
    • apx. 1500: Aztechnology's subverted spy satellites locate Sirrurg racing up the Pacific coast toward GTF-1's location. Air Task Force-Two is scrambled to intercept with ATF-3 reinforcing and ATF-1 on standby. Sirrurg rips through the ATF-2's first wave, although the drones manage to score several direct hits. The AZT forces are believed to have deployed a top-secret weapon codenamed Blue-227, tailored specifically to fight Sirrurg. A shot from the Chupacabra's railgun hits Sirrurg's left shoulder, forcing him down approximately thirty miles north of Acapulco. Overwhelming ground forces move into engage Sirrurg.
    • Sirrurg attempts a magical ritual to end the battle. The ritual releases a half-kilometer-wide energy discharge that blinds everyone looking directly at it and then collapses, killing everyone caught inside. Sirrurg falls to the ground but before Aztlan forces can approach him, a storm rises, briefly obscuring the site before blowing out and revealing that Sirrurg's body has vanished.
  • October 10: The Dragon's Lair, Ghostwalker's private node in the Denver Data Haven, is cracked. Ghostwalker sends the Zone Defense Force to the Data Haven's physical location and arrests everyone still on site. Nexus second-in-command Silvery K surrenders herself into ZDF custody.
  • October 15: Anti-dragon forces attack a Transys Neuronet lab in Edinburgh where Celedyr is working. The Great Dragon shifts into his draconic form to protect his co-workers, causing significant collateral damage; the Order of Saint George claims responsibility for the attack. 
  • October 17: Agents hired by Alamais assassinate Ludmilla Reanka in North Cara'Sir.
  • October 26: Shadowrunners steal nearly one thousand counterfeit commlinks from Knight Errant's 14th Precinct evidence lockers in Seattle.
  • October 28: At 1634 local, a United Nations Peacekeeping Force arrives in Cali, Aztlan, with orders to render aid as needed and end hostilities by force if necessary. All hostilities mysteriously cease upon the UNPF's arrival. The Great Dragon Hualpa offers terms of cease-fire to Aztlan, which are accepted.
  • October 29: Aztlan President Enrico Silva and Hualpa sign the cease-fire agreement in Geneva. A new border between Aztlan and Amazonia is established and the no-fly zone over Bogotá is lifted. All sanctions against Aztlan are lifted.
  • October 31: Ghostwalker and Harlequin duel in Denver before Zebulon interrupts and convinces Ghostwalker to stand down. 
  • November 1: In a NewsTalk interview, Hestaby takes to the airwaves to defend herself, conducting an interview with Kimberly Vogel-Smith of Newstalk. She defends her actions in Dubai and against the terrorists that burned Mount Shasta, accusing Alamais of backing them, and implies that Sirrurg is still alive.
  • November 2: Roughly 24 hours after Hestaby's interview, Mount Shasta's magical energies change. Magical energy accumulates around Mount Shasta. Shadowrunners free Perianwyr from imprisonment.
  • November 3: The magical accumulation around Mount Shasta is released at 0139 hours. At 0139 hours, Mount Shasta's magical energies release. At that moment a massive explosion occurs at Alamais' compound in GeMiTo. (0939 hours local time) Two lesser dragons are killed while Alamais and two others are wounded. Four hours later, Alamais responds by wreaking havoc within GeMiTo, killing almost three thousand metahumans in five hours.
  • November 5-6, 2074: Lofwyr attacks Alamais's GeMiTo compound with overwhelming force that consists of over a thousand metahuman mercenaries and shadowrunners, armored fighting vehicles, air support, twenty adult dragons, and the Great Dragons Lung and Arleesh. Metahuman shadowrunners score the killing blow on Alamais at approximately 1006 on November 6. Thirty-eight Dragons besides Alamais die in the battle.[2] There was no coverage or images taken of Alamais' body, nor of any of the Dragons' bodies -- they were removed before recordings were taken of the site.
  • November 8: The Great Dragons leave their lairs for a formal assembly. The Assembly sentences Sirrurg to imprisonment.
  • December 20: The Great Dragon Assembly moves that Hestaby be stripped of her hoard and lair and to be ostracized from their culture.
  • December 22-24: Forces hired by the Great Dragons march into Mount Shasta to repossess Hestaby's holdings. The Shasta Shamans are almost wiped out, the Shasta Lodge is destroyed, two hundred Northern Crescent gypsies are killed, and nearly twenty thousand hectares of forest is destroyed. The Great Dragons' forces take three days to catalog and transport Hestaby's hoard.


  • December 26: Loremaster Celedyr declares this date as deadline for all grievances the Great Dragons hold against Metahumanity, considering them all settled afterwards and forbidding further large-scale violence stemming from them.


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