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Great Dragons are larger, stronger, more intelligent, and more magically powerful than their normal dracoform counterparts. They are capable of transforming into metahuman form at will and the ability to twist fate itself (in game terms they're able to counteract edge). It is currently unknown if all dragons will become great dragons as a natural part of their life cycle, but according to the few details known from when Masaru became a great dragon, there is a noticeable physical change to the dragon after the process occurs. The life cycle of dracoforms does seem to require great dragons, as great dragons are needed to raise dragon eggs. It does not matter who gave birth to the eggs, as for if the eggs stay under the care of a great dragon, the whelps that hatch will be the type of the great dragon. This is why the Sea Dragon worked for years to get her eggs back from Rhonabwy, as she did not want them to become western dragons.

Known Great Dragons[]

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