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Greater Frankfurt is the second biggest megaplex (pop: 6,200,000 in 2062) of the AGS, as well as its financial capital.

The city is the home turf of AG Chemie and Frankfurter Bankenverein and the location of the German stock exchange and Federal Bank. The city of Heidelberg, part of the Frankfurt sprawl, is home to the famous Ruprecht-Karl-University whose magical faculty is regarded as the best in Germany (20% of the university's 50,000 students are somehow involved with magic).

In 2062 an impressive aerial battle between the Great Dragons Lofwyr, owner of Saeder-Krupp, and Nachtmeister, mastermind of the FBV, took place in the sky over Frankfurt. Nachtmeister was killed.

In 2063 unidentified corporate forces (presumably from AG Chemie) attacked the German Shadowland node located in Frankfurt. The Shadowland crew managed to escape with the most valuable equipment but the loss of the most important communications hub meant a blow to Germany's shadow community.


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