Greek Syndicates (North America)

Greek Syndicates in North America

The Greek Syndicates are ethnic crime syndicates in North America.


In the former United States, the Greek-Americans like many other ethnic groups had their own ethnic mafias in their respective ethnic enclaves which may or may not have been challenging the La Cosa Nostra. When magic returned to the world with a vengeance in the Awakening, the LCN took advantage of the chaos and opened its doors to the smaller criminal outfits. Many of those ethnic syndicates joined the new multi-ethnic Mafia.[1][2] They were either absorbed into one of the 12 major families or became one of the 100+ minor families and associated groups.[3][4] One of the major crime families, the Detroit Partnership is either a Greek crime syndicate or it's a syndicate whose dominant Mafia family is Greek (Don Ronald "The Greek" Stephanopoulos).[5][6]


If there are any independent "Greek Syndicates" remaining or minor Greek crime families within the Mafia they are most likely to be in the UCAS. Which is due not only to demographics but it is where the historical Greek mob existed the late 20th century.


By the late 20th century the Greek Mob which had never been a major player in North America and has always been subordinate to the Italian mafia barely had a presence in the underworld. There are two small Greek organized crime outfits (the size of third-tier gangs) in New York City and Philadelphia at the start of the 20th century, both of whom are work for the the Italian families.


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Greek Mafia in the Real WorldEdit

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