GreenWar is a worldwide eco-terrorist organization.

GreenWar is an eco-terrorist group which was founded in Europe in 2010. It is the largest and most extreme of all eco-terrorist factions with approximately 3000 members and supporters throughout the world. They are the most notorious eco-terrorists and their use of suicide bombers is surpassed only by the Islamic jihadists.

It is a centrally organized group who have a large contingent of members who think the problem is not industrial exploitation but overpopulation. These eco-racists push their members to commit acts of mass murder in "regions of uncontrolled growth" (e.g. city-sprawls such as Metropole or in countries like India).

GreenWar is known for executing acts of bio-terrorism, magically directing critters and spirits in their attacks, and magically manipulating manipulating a toxic spill near Aberdeen creating the Scottish Fringe Zone. Within their ranks are toxic shamans and they have recently stolen enough nuclear waste to build several dirty bombs.

They have a sanctuary in the communist state of Henan. Which due to its hostility to the megacorps provides anti-corporate terrorist groups with covert support for their international operations. They also let groups like GreenWar establish training facilities in Henan.

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