Green Winters is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Brother of Adrian Vauclair, Green (real name: Herman Vauclair) is the person behind the contract for the Harfeld Manor that killed Monika. During The Drug Pit, Green is found dead on the floor of his suite at the Kesselhaus - apparently convulsed so hard as a result of biofeedback that he broke his own spine. A sad fate for someone who spent 20 years looking into the disappearance of his brother and digging for the truth about Feuerschwinge. By the end of his life, Winters was properly paranoid, and for good reason. Someone has been cleaning up leads that were connected to Feuerschwinge - up to and including torching an apartment with a decker who posted a theory on Feuerschwinge to a public BBS.

When news of Monika's death reached him, his suspicions were confirmed: The dragon was in play and was eliminating people capable of threatening her. He tried to manipulate the Flux State to coalesce some kind of resistance against her, but when he plugged in, he was hit with the feedback to end all feedbacks - and certainly his own life.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Finding Winters is the first order of business after Monika's death. He cannot spill secrets, but his room can.
  • Watching all the disks he left behind is vital towards talking down Vauclair in Panacea.
  • In the epilogue, Hans Brackhaus reveals that he was the one who tipped Herman off on the Harfeld Manor.
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