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Grey Wolves (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Vice). "Çakal çakaldır bozkurt olamaz ki" roughly translates to "Coyote, coyote, cannot be gray wolf."

Grey Wolves (Smuggling Empire)

The Grey Wolves are both a hyper-nationalist Turkish mercenary and a crime syndicate group known for their extreme violence to keep peace in the regions they police and in their criminal operations. It is an organization that has been around for over 100 years.[1] Which has evolved from a national terrorist organization into a multinational crime syndicate that has expanded across the Middle East, the Balkans, and Central Europe.


The Grey Wolves descended from nationalist militias supported by the secular and military regimes of 20th century Turkey. During the Second EuroWar as the Alliance for Allah took over Turkey, the Grey Wolves where forced out of the country and moved to Greece where they helped the Greek Resistance and became allies of the Alta Commissione syndicates. The Grey Wolves smuggled grey and black market goods into occupied Greece and Islamist Turkey. After the fall of the Islamists following their defeats in the Second EuroWar and the assassination of their leader the Mullah Sayid Jazrir in 2037, the Grey Wolves returned to Turkey. With their support a secularist government was established, which has resulted in the syndicate receiving "good will" from the state.[2]


Leading the Grey Wolves is the "Commander", a title given to the head of the syndicate whose real name is unknown.[2] They are organized along paramilitary lines, consisting of "packs" each of 10-15 members led by the strongest among them. Some of the packs are stationary and have a specific territory, and other packs are nomadic.[3]


The Grey Wolves accept both men and women, the Awakened, metahumans, and changelings.[3] One of it's most brutal regional bosses is a woman (Semra "Asena" Bulut) who is in charge in Berlin.[4] Members are mostly Sunni Muslims but they are very casual about their faith.[5] Though it is a Turkish syndicate it also accepts into its ranks those from other ethnic groups, mainly Arabs but also Europeans (e.g. Croatians).[6][7] Cyberware and/or bioware is common among the lower ranks.[8]


The Grey Wolves live a delicate balance between east and west. While operating in Europe they often act very secular. While those that operate in Anatolia, or Kurdistan seem to take of those countries cultural mores.[3]

Criminal Enterprises[]

The Grey Wolves are involved in many criminal activities. Smuggling of goods, weapons, people, and drugs is their biggest source of revenue. They are also involved in the street sale of drugs, prostitution, gambling, theft, and piracy. Despite being a secularist organization that is opposed to religious fundamentalism, they will do business with religious fundamentalists.[9] The syndicate is also known for operating sweatshops producing counterfeit goods, in which the workers are SINless men, women, and children who are forced to work 20 hours a day without a break, until they die.[10]

The Grey Wolves dominate the underworld in both western Turkey (the Secular Republic of Turkey]} and in Greece. In the Aegean port of Izmir (Turkey), they are the defacto law enforcement and patrol the streets with military heavy weaponry and body armor. Athens is their base of operations in Greece. The island of Cyprus is virtually their fiefdom. Smuggling operations reach across all the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. In addition they have outfits operating in other parts of Europe and the Middle East, including in the insurgent filled eastern part of Turkey (East Anatolia), Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria, Arabia, the Allied German States, the Balkans, the United Netherlands, and Austria.[11][12][13][14] One nation that now has Grey Wolves, due to the influx of refugees of Turkey is Ukraine.[15] As of 2077 AD, after the conclusion of a civil war, the Grey Wolves provide security in the Free City of Constantinople.[16]


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