Griffin Biotech is a cybertech and biotech company which had a significant presence in Seattle in 2060s.

Significant investors of the company included Ares and DocWagon. Major competitors included Paladin Medical Technologies, Rose Croix and Yamatetsu.

Griffin Biotech was located at Huitzilopochtli Plaza in Seattle Downtown. Later it moved to a dedicated facility in north Everett (near Lynnwood). Some time later, before the company was able to succesfully finish research on its major project(s), the building was destroyed.

CEO: Sumihiro Asikawa

Comments[edit | edit source]

Griffin Biotech is only mentioned in several short adventures of Shadowrun Missions, season 1. Alternate name was also occasionally used, Griffin Biotechnology.

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  • SRM01-04 The Gambler
  • SRM01-08 Duplicity
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