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The Guerreros are the elite special forces of Aztechnology.


The legendary Guerreros (warrior-orders) are blacked by Aztechnology and religiously indoctrinated by their initiating groups. To become a member of these warrior orders, its required to have an impressive civic and military background. It's not required to be magical, but its a factor in favor of the recruit. The purer the Aztlaner blood, the more likely you can get promoted. Guerreros can be assigned to work with Aztlan's National Army or they could be deployed on Aztechnology missions. There are four warrior-orders to which one can join.[1]


The Jaguars[]

The "Ocelomeh (The Jaguars)" are outstanding fire-team combat veterans. While not every soldier in the Jaguar Guard is an Ocelomeh, all magical soldiers in the Jaguar Guard are Ocelomeh.

The Eagles[]

The "Cuacuahtin (The Eagles)" are sent back to their military units after indoctrination. Where they reinforce them with magical ability and religious zeel.

The Brave Ones[]

The "Ontontin (The Brave Ones)" are the deep infiltration specialists. They rely on stealth and deception, and usually operate deep behind enemy lines alone. Extraction or assassination are their missions. Upon joining, their past is erased and all connections severed.

The Shorn Ones[]

The "Cuachicqueh (The Shorn Ones)" are the black ops experts whom work in pairs. Used to perform kidnappings, sabotage, or acts of terror. They will work with local terrorists and insurgents, or independently as needed.


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