The Hafenmeister (German for: Harbour Masters) are a small - or maybe medium sized - local gang in the city of Kiel in North German League / Allied German States, that are imposting a Security Service.

They make their money by guarding a self-storage facility that is called "Storage World™" at the shores of a part of the port of Kiel, littered with wrecks and abandoned there for since the Black Tide.

The Gangers - most of them humans but also a few orks and elves - are mostly armed with Super Ruger Warhawk heavy pistols, and wear the usual armoured synth leather. Any of them wears a so-called Prince-Heinrich-Muetze - an item, which goes for their gang sign.

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This gang is a self-created organization, completely made up from own ideas by the user "Dorle" and should therefor be considered non-canon.

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