Hannibelle is a member of Jackpoint and a ghoul decker.

History Edit

Hannibelle was born in the CAS in 2045 and raised as a Baptist.[1]

At the age of 17 (2062), while on a missionary trip to a ghoul colony outside of Amarillo, Texas she was accidently scratched by a little girl at the age of 8 or 9 whom had just recently become a ghoul herself.[2] After the transformation, Hannibelle was about to attempt suicide when her little sister stopped her and convinced her to become a Shadowrunner.[3]

Once she entered the Shadows she started working for Tamanous using her father's old cyberdeck. At some point she was able to get out of Tamanous and started to run the Shadows, usually doing remote hacking jobs.

Relationships Edit

Hannibelle's little sister died sometime after 2062. Reasons and when are still unknown.

Hannibelle still has some ties to Tamanous who supply her with flesh, though she doesn't directly work for them anymore.


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In the o15323899Street Legends write up, Sunshine says Hannibelle's parents were dead when she first entered the Shadows. This is somewhat contradicted in Run Faster, where it is implied that her Father was on a business trip and her mother and sister were still alive before leaving to enter the Shadows.

In Street Legends, Sunshine also says there was an incident with Tamanous that involved Hannibelle's family, which might be when Hannibelle's sister died, and would explain why Hannibelle left the organization.


Attributed writingsEdit


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