Harry "Flamboyance" Brown was an elvish bartender and owner at Dirty Rikki's, Seattle.

As of 2050 he owns and works at Dirty Rikki's. Not the nicest of bartenders, and happier to talk about himself than most. He's very annoyed about his treatment at Geatronics when he lost some magic points to a "joke" involving stim-patches. The corp wouldn't compensate, so he left.

Thin, reedy voice, with a nervous tic in his left eyebrow.

Harry loves magical gossip and shop talk, and is a valuable contact for this kind of information.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Metatype: Elf

B4 Q3 S4 I6 W4 C2 E6 M3 R4 PR2

INIT: 4 + 1d6

Dice Pools: Combat 6, Astral Combat 6, Spell 6

Active Skills: Conjuring 6, Etiquette (corp) 5, Etiquette (street) 3, Etiquette (magic) 4, Pistols 3, Magical Theory 6, Negotiation 2, Psychology, 2, Rumour Mill 3, Sorcery 4, Sympathetic listening 3, Enchanting 2.

Knowledge Skills: English 5, Spell design 4, Alternate conjuring materials 5.

Cyberware: N/A

Gear: Power focus 2 (ring), Binoculars (optical) Wrist phone 3, Defiance T-250 shotgun under the bar.

Spells: Fireball 5, Mana bolt 6, Chaotic world 5, clairvoyance 4, entertainment 3, mask 3, sleep 5.


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