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The Hell's Angels are a biker gang in Australia

Membership: hundreds (minimum)

It's a national-level gang, one of the Big 5 biker gangs on the island continent. The gang is an old-school "traditional" biker club. Like the other biker gangs it's involved in dealing weapons, drugs, and water.


The Hell's Angels is an outlaw motorcycle club which was founded in the United States in 1948. It's one of the big biker gangs, with chapters in dozens of countries around the world (almost all in the "West") and with an estimated membership of up to 2,500. It's main source of income is drug trafficking (mostly crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana) and is also involved in protection rackets, stolen motorcycle rings, prostitution, loan-sharking, and murder-for-hire. They have business relationships with the La Cosa Nostra and Aryan Brotherhood, and have been on and off at war with the Outlaws, the Bandidos, the Mongols, and the Vagos.


Hell's Angels in the Real World[]