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Hermetic Magic is a magical tradition based on the premise that magic is a predictable force that can be measured and controlled. The most common path of hermetic magic studied in the UCAS and its neighbors is Renewed Hermeticism, but several other views of magic, called magical paradigms, also practice the Hermetic tradition. Hermetics often apply scientific or pseudo-scientific theories to their magic, and often place a heavy emphasis on formulae, precise rituals, and academic principles. While magicians of other traditions often have a more personalized relationship with how they perform their magic, Hermetics often have a sort of scientific detachment, seeing magic more as a tool rather than a lifestyle and an art. Hermetic magicians can summon elementals, and use hermetic ritual circles and libraries as part of their talent.


There are two major classifications of schools, the Classic and the Modern schools, and several minor schools. Each school of thought is called a "paradigm", and represents a fundamental view by which a scholar of a particular school practices magic.

  • The Classic Schools
    • Classic Hermeticism - The first successful hermetics, Classicists believe in the wisdom of the ancients
    • Hermetic Druidism - A Celtic/British branch of classic hermeticism, interested in Ley lines and stone circles
    • Teutonic Hermetics - Norse and Germanic branch, nation of Thule
    • Other schools - Hermetic and Orthodox Qabbalah, Egyptian Magic, Black Magic, Islamic Magic
  • The Modern Schools
    • Renewed Hermeticism - Based on the works of Kano and White Eagle, the most scientific and academic of the hermetic paradigms is also the most common. They are often natural skeptics of the spiritual aspects of magic.
    • Reformed Ritualism - AKA the German school, focus on the cooperative ritual aspects of magic
    • Avant-Garde Thaumaturgy - Sees magic as a creative act and art form. Often are anarchists and counter-establishment rebels.
    • Unified Magic Theory - coined the term "paradigm", sees all traditions and schools of magic as valid. The descendant and evolved form of Chaos Magic
    • Other schools - Chaos Magic, Street Hermeticism, Modern Elemental Magic
  • Minor Schools
    • Concordance Alchemique - First to master Alchemy. Focuses on enchanting and artificing.
    • Pythagoreans - Math and number-based magic. "Mathmagicians"

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