Originally established in the 1990s long before the Awakening, the Hermetic Order of Auric Aurora is a group of hermetic mages operating out of Seattle. It is devoted to the scholarly study of magic, and also opposes the use of magic to do harm. The Order is often active at stopping "wizkid" ganger mages from wreaking havoc or claiming extortion from vulnerable neighborhoods. The Order prefers a quiet scholarly approach to magic, and holds violence and magic for the pursuit of profit or exploitation with disdain.

Its name is a reference to "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn", an occult shantry of the late 19th century disbanded in the early 20th century, which origin is Freemasonic and whose teaching was based upon divination and Kabbalah. Its members were devoted researchers in the magical field, like Chaos magic and Enochian magic (to which the Grimoire made a short allusion). It's the second reference to this Order with Illuminates of the New Dawn.


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