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The Hidenaga-gumi is a Yakuza syndicate that was based in Aztlan.

The Hidenaga-gumi was a member syndicate of both the Shotozumi-rengo and the Naheka-rengo.[1] In Aztlan, the Yakuza barely had a foothold in the city of Tenochtitlan and maintained a low profile. They ran part of the prostitution racket.[2]

In the aftermath of the Tempo-Drug War, the David Cartel waged a ruthless war against the remaining operations of the Ghost Cartels within Aztlan territory (e.g. Colombia). They also targeted the two foreign syndicates operating in Tenochtitlan, annihilating their rivals and making the David Cartel the only crime syndicate in Aztlan[3] It was so quick and brutal, that the Mafia and Yakuza syndicates that were in Aztlan were wiped out in a few days by Aztechnology's forces.[1]


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